Harddrive problem or need RAM?


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So I built this computer almost a year ago and have occasionally been having strange problems. Most of the time everything is perfectly fine and it works like it should. But every once in a while it does this weird thing where it sort of freezes but it isn't a normal freeze. I can still move my mouse and switch windows or tabs but all the processes seem to stop. And it isn't really instant, it kind of starts out really minor but then quickly turns into a full freeze minus the mouse movement. For example I could be browsing reddit and click on a link, it will start to load up the page but then the page will stop loading, then I'll switch windows and the "freeze" situation may get a little worse, something that happens often during this time is my music playing through itunes will stop for a few moments until my computer goes back to normal. Keep in mind that this really only lasts 15 seconds to less than a minute.

Now it's time to diagnose the problem. My first suspicion was the fact that I bought my harddrive used. When this problem first happened I scanned for and repaired bad sectors and that seemed to fix the problems for quite a while. This scanning and fixing of bad sectors takes all night when I do it and I've done it about 3 times in total. Recently I thought maybe it could be a lack of RAM because the symptoms seemed much more memory related than storage, but with task manager open while one of the "freezes" my % of physical memory being used didn't go up at all. So this still makes me think it is that the Harddrive my OS is running on is damaged.

Fixing time. Now I need your help. To fix this I would like to just buy a new Harddrive and transfer everything from this one onto the new one. I don't want to install Windows 7 on the new one again or have to manually transfer files over. I want to just completely duplicate this harddrive onto a new one as to save a lot of hassle. Can this be done? If so I would really appreciate any help and advice. Also, I am totally guessing on what is really happening and why so if you have ever experienced anything similar and know whats going on then please help!

Specs: i5 2500k, GTX 660Ti, 6Gb RAM, 1Tb storage, Windows 7