Hard drive problems xp setup and safe mode

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Inadvertently my xp system was set to safe mode and then I tried to re-load xp but I'm at a standstill now as all I get is a message that can't do xp set up in safe mode. Is there any way of getting it out of safe mode so I can access drive. I don't want to format the drive as I've got important files on it.:confused: :confused:
Back up your stuff in safe-mode, if you can, then just format the drive. This is a tip for most anyone who generates alot of files or data that they wanna keep: Run your system (if you can) with two drives:

1) A 10-20gb system drive that holds Windows and your Apps.
2) A 40-60gb data drive for holding anything you would ever want to keep in the event of a system reformat.

This is effective in that if you have to reformat windows, it will only Format C: and not your data on the other drive.

Hope this helps folks :)
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