happy st. patty's day


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You too man, Happy St. Patricks Day.

I'm sure tonight I can be found in a local pub having a few pints of Guinness in the name of the Irish. ;)


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Yep, Happy St. Patricks day :D

Zack_Wylde said:
yus im irsh so i suppose i better start this thread .. have a good one
lol OMG i know who you are!!

Back yet again are we?

Nice band names you go by btw :p

Ring any bells ;)

Mark wont be happy lol!

edit~ pink_floyd and neochivers ;)

~mr mixx~

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Yo happy saint patrick's day everyone..:p i don't have any plans as of yet..but i'm shure i'll do something tonight.


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wow geek_gal, we have a smart person =o .. well looks as if im about to be kicked off .. again :( ... bye .. see you guys around

btw i must be the only irish person who knows how to use a computer :p