Grub 1.5 error 17

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OK, so I partitioned my hard drive, well I already had 2, so I got a 3rd partition. Installed Ubuntu...tried it out, decided it was shit after a while and there was no install button, so I just formatted the partition and...jeez I don't really remember when I did with the partition, I think I just kept it there and am using it basically for file storage or w/e.

OK, so whenever I turn on my computer and have it to boot from my hard drive (SATA Western Dig.) It just gives me Grub 1.5 error 17.

Now I can work around it, I currently have my system to boot from floppy that has a boot.ini file on and MSDOS file on it...I forget how I made it...but anyways, I just boot from the floppy.

I have finally gotten off my ass and I want to do something about this. It is annoying me that I have to jerry rig my system to work the way I want to. Got to love technology don't you? the fuck do I get this grub shit off my system!

I can't find jack shit on my hard drive that says I don't know what the hell to do....


if your saying you can't boot and you get a blank screen before windows then turn your ACHP off and turn it to ATA in bios.



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Here is what I would recommend. I would create a boot disk, or floppy that has fdisk on it. Then when you boot from it run this
fdisk /mbr.
This should take care of removing all the GRUB files and setting up windows boot loader.

Here is a website to help you create a boot disk: