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with the radeon 9700 obliterating the ti 4600 as preferred high-end video card (if anyone disagrees or thinks i am biased, you obviously need to look at some benchresults), i am wondering what nvidia will do to make their directx 9 card. Has anyone heard any roomers regarding nvidia's new card which is set to release in november? i am stuck with a ti 4600 :mad: which is a perfectly good card, but just seems like a bad choice right before 9700 cam out.
First of all, I'm going to voice an opinion and a favored rant of mine. See, you touched base on a half truth there. You're right, the ti4600 is a good card. no, scratch that. it's a GREAT card. now, okay, sure, the new radeon is bigger better...whatever. but you kind of brushed aside your geforce just because it's not the "leader" of the pack anymore.

do you realize how much of a victim to the marketing system you are? keeping up with the tech curve is too much like masturbation to get the immediate pleasure of being 31337 but at such cost and with no end in sight! the ti4600 is a fantastic card. mod it out for cooling, maybe over clock it a little. that card will last you a good amount of time! don't worry about what happens as the tech curve moves on, just realize that you made a good decision AT THE TIME. and work with it.


Anyway, as far as what nVidia may be planning on doing with the developmental DX9...who knows? No one can do anything but speculate until DX9 is released (leaked ^_^) and respective video card manufacturers provide cards to use the new features.

case in point, how many cards used all of the features in DX8 when it was released?

so ease up, evaluate what you have on an "at the time" basis, and try not to be such a vic.
I Know that it's called NV30 and it's suppose to be released with in the Early 2003
All i know is that it has
0.13-micron design
(1 Micron is a single human hair)
256 Bit memory bus and DDR2 memory
The ATI R9700 can process 160 static instructions in one go whilst the NV30 will eat 256
128-Bit color engine
400MHz Core Clock
Will Be used in the Xbox 2
1) Advanced Programmability, 2) High Precision Color, 3) High Level Shading Language (CG), 4) Highly Efficient Architecture, 5) High Bandwidth to System Memory and CPU (AGP 8X)

ALL I know! I will inform you of the Preformance.. Ie: benchmarks later on
mx 440 isn't that bad man.. OC it like i did.. then it's really good.. the geforce 4 mx runs faster than a geforce3 ti cards.
An overclocked GF4 mx440 would run faster than a GF3 ti 200 or maybe even the first-gen GF3; but the GF3 still wins in terms of features, but I have yet to see more games exploit them.
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