Forum Posting! Good for Traffic or not?


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Guys, I have a forum discussion board about online shoppings and all things about this staff.
The reason for my request is that I need some advices on traffic increase. erm... one of my friends recommended me services. still not sure to trust them or not.
Is forum posting helpful in terms of getting more traffic? What can you say about their writers?


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yes and no.

mostly no.

in theory anything linking to your site will be seen as a backlink by google, and the more backlinks you have, the higher your google search rating, and better your chance of getting on the first page...

that said, not all links are quality links, and google does penalise backlinks from untrustworthy sources and places where backlinks are obviously farmed.

so we're left with a situation where:
Yes, forum posts that are quality and not immediately marked as spam or defaced by site owners since you spam their site can be valuable to improve search ratings.

but no, paying someone rarely (if ever) results in quality links begin posted with permission of site owners, ends up making your business look like spammers and unprofessional, and when obviously trying to attract the love of google can often have the opposite affect causing your search rating to be artificially lowered.