For which Purpose You use Your computer most?


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Hello Friends,

I am Ronnie Mark ... Computer plays the important role in our life .... Different people use their computer for different purpose ... Some people used for Business & some used for their Entertainment .... I use my computer for entertainment ... for watching movies & listening songs & playing games.


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Pretty self expanatory for me my work computer is mainly used for work, emails, programming and development and my home computer is used for web browsing, playing very "light" games, producing some music and listening to music.


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i use my computer for this website and chatrooms. I use it for other stuff as well, but i cant say it here ;)


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Forums, chatrooms, articles, etc. mainly. I also tend to have some sort of video open most of the time. Right now it's the SpaceX Dragon grapple. The live ISS feed is another favorite.


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Mine is definitely used mostly for time wasting, engaging in laziness and to assist with some serious procrastination of physical tasks.


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hello friends,

Well it's depends on everybody's own nature.... I Use my computer for Entertaining Media like Music , movies & watching t.v shows....