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Hi There:

I've built a new site called advelli (dot com) Presently it is in beta. Effectively it is a site where anything (video) can be turned into a sport. I would like to know if anyone has a preferred CDN (Content Delivery Network) they use for hosting user created video and if you have had success with a certain providers in the US.

Presently I am in proof of concept Beta and working marketing channels to see if others are interested in collaboration with their own projects or review within mine.

The workaround for a CDN i'm presently considering is a lightweight java script game to run during video load time as a short term fix to keep people interested.

If anyone is interested in chatting let me know. ( I was able to leverage the computer voice on the browsers to give play by play like an announcer, "I know, it's nerdy, but I like it :)"

Have an awesome day

Some Pics Below
Landing Screen.PNG

Gametime 1.PNG

Gametime 2.PNG

Ref Edit Portal 1.PNG
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