[FIX]Battlefield 4 "DLC" Not Installed Problem

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If you're like me and don't like downloading 50GB worth of **** every time you format and play BF4, then you probably save your install folder. All you need to do is tell Origin where the Origin Games folder is, close out, re-launch, then click download. It will then install for you without needing to redownload while only downloading maybe 50MB or so.
The problem with this is when you go to launch a server with DLC maps it tells you that you don't have them installed.....which is stupid and BS. :rolleyes:

Luckily there is a fix.

For Second Assault:
Open your Registry Editor - Type in regedit on the Start Menu Search field and press Enter
Navigate through HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > EA Games > Battlefield 4
Check if there is a folder named Xpack0 under Battlefield 4
If YES -> Click on Xpack0, on the right pane check if there is a string named Installed, the Value data should be True
If NO - right-click on Battlefield 4 > New > Key
- a new folder will be created, name it Xpack0
- right-click on Xpack0 > New > String Value > name it Installed
- on the right-pane, double-click on Installed, set Value Data to True
Exit Registry Editor

For China Rising:
Do the same except use Xpack1.

For Naval Strike:
Do the same except use Xpack2.

If this isn't clear, under the Battlefield 4 folder where you are editing for all current DLC you will need each individual Xpack* folders with a string of Installed set to True.
Yeah!! this is one issue I don't have in this game. Still getting other issues such as rubber banding, getting stuck in a wall, etc.
It's only an issue when you do a fresh format and try to play BF4 without a complete redownload.

I've never got stuck on a wall but I do sometimes get the rubber band issuue. Not as often as before though and it's playable.
Ya, having some fun lately. Especially, Using a sniper on metro is funny- all the guys throwing grenades, and blasting away with the automatic weapons and i pick them off at 100 meters and they never see it coming. Don't get a lot of kills but I don't die much either - I stink at sniping so it is helping me get better at it and opening up better rifles - now at the 38.
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