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Hi Everyone,

I need some guidance. I've been having issue with Jabra Direct software, so I am attempting to reinstall it. According to programs/features in the control panel Jabra Direct is no longer showing as being installed; however, it is still on my laptop, and I can still launch the program.

What do I need to do to completely remove any trace of it on my system so that I can reinstall a fresh copy? If I attempt to reinstall with the program still there, I get an error message that the old version can't be removed.

I tried downloading Revo uninstaller to see if that could find it but no luck.

I have a ticket open with Jabra support. They asked me what OS version I am running which I provided now they're asking for a screen shot of the folder. What folder? lol

Does anyone here have any ideas on what I can try next?

Thank you
Not a lot of help to you but I have just returned my Jabra bluetooth earbuds back to Amazon. Why on earth in this day and age do we need to download software to make a device work especially something as simple as a pair of earbuds, and that is without the concerns tyhat I had that Jabra and it's software comes from China which I didn't realise untill after I bought the buds. My earbuds paired with my laptop and my television and my phone. They even connected with those devices but I couldn't get any audio from the buds so they went back with a negative review on Amazon.

As for uninstalling the software, which I didn't actually download, but Revo is very limited if you got the free version as are most of the other uninstallers. I use the uninstaller part of CCleaner, https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download but only to uninstall things I do not use Ccleaner for anything else. Whether it will work for Jabra I have no idea.
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