First Cloned humans

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At the moment, that's alleged cloning. There has been no proof yet, has there?

I was listening to a talk about overpopulation. The speaker said that if you gave every U.S. family one square mile to live in, the entire U.S. population would fit in part of Florida.

So, overpopulation is not a world problem at this time. It is a regionally centralized problem. Too many people in one spot, and some of those spots don't seem that fit for human habitation to begin with. No, I don't know how to spread 'em out and get 'em in the a "good" place.

On the other hand, do you think there are ethical questions about human cloning?

The world is not overpopulated. If every human being was standing up shoulder to shoulder and back to back, the entire population would fit roughly inside the Jacksonville Florida city limits.

Anyone who says the world is overpopulated has obviously never driven through the North American Mid-west.

My thoughts: "If its crowded where you live.... MOVE."
lol, *sigh* who cares if someone is cloned. It will never be like to horror movies where you cant tell which is the first one - fingerprints have NOTHING to do with DNA. The clones can never be exactly alike - unless the are cloned as infants and rasied exaclty the same, even then - still different. And HOW many people do you really WANT a clone of? Ok ok, maybe a few supermodels (lol, j/k) but other then that WHO THE HELL ELSE? Bill gates? I don't think so - I will personally kill any of Bill Gates clones. Not that i don't like windows...I think I was raised to hate him... lol, hes prolly a nice guy (But does it look like I care??) He is an accidental trillionare. He tried to trade his shares away like crazy (like gold bars for peanuts) fortunatly enough for him, our population was filled with complete idots who didn't buy all the shares they could, leaving poor old bill gates to soon become absolutely RICH. I like windows, its got bugs - but oh boy, who cares. Linux - its ok, i use it on a few of my comps as well as windows, Lindows really.
Theres this joke, it goes "Computers are like Air-Conditioners, as soon as you open Windows they stop working."
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