Not a "new build" looking for a good ark & minecraft server build.. out of old stuff.


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Looking to build a comp with mostly old parts to be a Ark and Minecraft server, doing so me n a couple guys at work can play, i say minecraft and ark, but i feel one will win over the other and we will only need it for that after a while. server would be 10 or under users, prob more 5 n under, mostly.

Things i have laying around
1- kaby lake i5 7600k. krait gaming z270, 8gb ram- not in use at all, 256 ssd. would need new tower, would upgrade ram to 16gb? no cpu cooler no case.
2- i3- 4150 haswell dual 3.5. msi h81m-p33 mobo- also not in use- 120 ssd, 8gb ram, would update 16gb. have cpu cooler, case

3- 7yo 750w corsiar psu took out of working build, brand new 600w not opened i use as a backup for work computers, used cx450w corsair

im thinkin #1 would work, but would # 2? or would i be better trying to sell everying via ebay, n see what i can get to make a new low cost itx type computer for the server?

running fiber 1g so avg is 900-1.2gb for internet wired.

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Either one of those would work. For Ark SSD space and RAM is pretty relevant, and Minecraft is CPU IPC. If you intend to do Ark with mods it can take over 300GB easy and I highly advise using Ark Server Manager to keep everything in check and updated. For running both servers I would say use the i5 as 4 faster physical cores would work in your favor more. The CX450w would be fine if it's a good unit with no damage.

Also, I see we are 3090ti brothers.
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