Data Transfer


Daemon Poster
I have a harddrive with some data on it from an old computer. The model number of the HDD is st340016a and it is a Seagate Barracuda ATA IV.

The technical specifications for it are found here:

The format of the HDD is Ultra ATA.

The computer that I have the harddrive hooked up into is a Compaq Presio 5bw130. It is running Windows 98.


Now for my problem. When I boot up the computer, (yes I have the cables and jumpers properly set), I get a screen saying that the drivers for my new device have not been found. So I cannot open up my computer and transfer the files from my old HDD to my new one. But I checked out seagates website, and it says the HDD does not require any additional outside drivers.

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers time to help me with this problem.