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Just moved to XP from 98. Can't find the "key" to shutting down programs and "processes" to facilitate software installation. Appreciate a tip for that. 98 was a snap. Thanks.
Ctrl+Shift+Esc will bring the task manager up. You can close programs from there.
Thanks, Guy. One more step. When I did that, there was nothing on the screen. In 98 there would have been at least a dozen entries from the old cntrl-alt-del. Does that mean XP hides that stuff, keeps it quiet, or that "processes" are also involved in what needs to be shut down to work an installation?
go into the "processes" tab. This is where everything is housed. Heck, you can even kill explorer in XP, and everything will keep on a-movin'!
Yep, do what mrdinkel said. Click on processes and you will see more going on than you want. You can see what program is using what amount of RAM.
Thanks folks. Does that mean that when directed to "close" open programs before installing, you should shut down whatever in processes is using energy, no matter what's going on elsewhere?
Technically yes (except for essential operations, ie. explorer).

But I don't think anyone actually closes every running process in the background. First off, you can't. If you try to close some programs, XP with laugh at you.... literally. :p

A good rule of thumb, for me, is to make sure that there isn't anything open on the taskbar.
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