Corsair H50 water cooler review

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hey everyone, i just got the corsair H50 water cooling system for my computer, and i was so impressed by its performance that I'm going to write a quick review about it. cool? cool.

First off, ill start with the stock CPU cooler that came with my AMD phenom II 965. for what it is ( a stock cooler ) it pretty size-able and looks like it would do a good job, looks can be deceiving, as it did a horrible job. my idle temps with the stock cooler was about 43*C, load was about 52*C and stress using Prime95 was 76*C ( then my computer would crash ) . As you can see by the numbers, this cooler was less than impressive and just doesn't cut it. so i started reading around and was doing research, and i found the corsair H50 water cooling unit, at a mere $80 you can have a water cooled system that out performs air cooled systems that are big and bulky and can cost over $100. The corsair H50 Water CPU system comes with all the hard ware you need, screws, mounting plates and brackets, and installation instructions on how to install it for both AMD and Intel processors, and a 120mm fan.

A quick bit about the installation. it actually was a bit difficult, but that's only because of my case. if you can get to the back of your mother board installation is going to be much easier, but i couldn't because the other side of my case is solid, i couldn't get to the back of my mother board so i had to completely take apart my computer to put the bracket support on the back of the mother board, which isnt a huge deal but it was just kinda a pain, but it wasn't the units fault, it was my cases fault. but a side note, if i didn't go on youtube and watch an installation video it would have been much more difficult, so if you get this make sure you watch the video it will be much easier to install.

SO on to the Corsair H50 Water cooler performance, so once i got it installed, and when i started up my computer for the first time, the pump was kinda loud, but once the water got circulated it became virtually silent. and now to the actual performance of the corsair H50 water cooler. at idle I'm at 36*C, load is at 46*C and stress test using prime95 was an average of 58*C. as you can see, compared to the stock air cooler that came with my CPU the temperatures are much better!

So for $80 not only does your CPU run cooler, but your computer is quieter, and you get to boast that you have a water cooled computer haha. so if you were wondering about this system, i highly recommend it and i have been completely pleased with its performance.
Thank you! atleast someone posted a comment, i was starting to think i wrote that review for nothing.

and is that alison Angle?

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The H50 is good for the novice who wants water-cooling and the potential for a little extra cooling compared to the stock heatsink solution. But for $80 you could buy a Good Heatsink and Fan that would get you into the Big Boy Club with a little work. If you truely want to Watercool for Performance look to spend $200-$300 or stick to Air-Cooling.
The Corsair H50 performs about as well as a high-end air cooler.

A good custom built watercooling system will have far better performance.
For example, my system uses:
* EK Supreme
* Swiftech MCP655
* Thermochill PA120.3
* 1/2" ID tubing
* pure distilled water
* silver plated compression fittings (having silver in the loop kills microbes/algae)

With my watercooling system, my X6 1090T idles at about 18-20ºC and goes up to about 30-33ºC under load - when using ~1.6V
At stock volts (~1.275) it will only get to about 25ºC
A good watercooling system will cost $250-400; And afterwards, you can re-use most if not all the components for a long time, just as long as you use it properly.

And the performance is worth it. It will give you far better performance than a basic system like the H50, which performs about as well as a high-end air cooler.
well... for my needs, cooling a slightly overclocked Phenom II 965, its doing an outstanding job. i added another fan to the Radiator, so i have 2 fans one pushing and one pulling, and my idle temp right now is 29*C. for $80 that cannot be beat.
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