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I'm in North Carolina, and I was wondering what would be the best IT school to go to. I've read pretty much all the posts in this thread, so I take it that regardless of where I go, I need to get certs and go for 4 years, but where is the best place to go??? I was thinking about going into computer science and then maybe game design, or software engineer. Where would be the best place???
has anyone heard of techskills? they are pretty nationwide. im thinking of enrolling into this school.
I have heard of tech skills. I colleague of mine goes there and cant say anough good things about it. That being said, they only train for certs.

Just a little background about myself...
Ive been in the networking field for about 5 years. I work for a Pretty big Data Center. Where I work some of our customers are some of the biggest names in the industry. im in my mid 30's. I have my CCNA.

I have noticed and it really shouldnt come as any suprise for me, that there is an invisible cieling, and its hard as h*** to crack through it. I am considering retuning to school.

I've attended the local community college which has a Cisco Net Academy but I really feel that an actual degree and CCNP would get me further than just a CCNP, which I would get by going to the Net Academy. I also think a Bachelors from a tech school such as ITT or Devry would do me better than just an AA from the local community college and then going to the local state University, which does not have a decent Info Systems department.

Anyone have any opinions? Anyone have any preference, Devry or ITT? My cousin goes to ITT, but for computer Animation.

Any opinions to help me make a decision would be appreciated, thanks!
I thought I would add a bit to this post, even though it's not currently the discussion.

I would advise not going to an Everest school for a multi-certification program.

Their Portland campus has a program to get your A+, CCNA, Net+, Security+, and a Microsoft one, however I don't recall what one. They want $20,000 of your money to take their course, however a local University here offers a program identical to it for $4,000. I wish I would have found that out before I went in and wasted an afternoon.

Awhile ago I decided to see what it was about. I thought it might be cheaper to go there instead of my university for a program like this, thinking it was an independent schoo and it might be cheaperl. I arrived at a building downtown. It was an older building, had several stories. The bottom levels all felt cold, old, and the elevator shook on your way up or down it. I go up to the top level of the building, where the admissions part of it is. When you walk into that level you swear you've walked into a commercial. I don't even know how much money they spent on that single level. They had multiple LCD TV's, and photos on the walls of generic shots of people learning and looking at stuff with smiles on their faces.

The receptionist handed me an Ipod and had me sit down to watch videos on it about their various programs they offered, and various "degrees" they had that are obviously not transferable to any other school, which I wasn't interested in in the first place. They give it some name like "Network Security Specialist". Give me a break. You get a VERY salesmen like feel from everybody.

The admissions lady came out 15 minutes later. Everything she said felt extremely scripted and generic. "We're here for you and we're very glad you've taken an interest in your future". She took me on a tour of the school and knew nothing about the program in particular, she only knew what she was reading off of her clipboard. I could tell they're told what to say to you and what responses to give when certain questions came up. She brought up multiple times how their tuition fees have dramatically dropped this term, pffft. The only teacher who runs this program wasn't there to answer any questions I had about the course material. That wouldn't be a huge issue at first, however this lady knew nothing about it but what was on a piece of paper she was reading.

After she took me on a tour she took me back up to her office. All of the offices are interchangeable as well as the people who work in admissions, nothings remotely personal about it. Every single form, packet, and folder they give you has their logo and colors sprayed on it. You can tell where they spend all their money, they didn't use cheap paper.

We sat down and went over what the program involved a bit more. I ask her "So how much does this program cost?" After she beat around the bush a bit and tried to prepare me for sticker shock, she brought out the paper that shows how much it costs. Tuition $18000, books $2000. That's not including parking either. That's $20,000. She asked what I thought about it, I told her I'll have to think about it and let her know, trying to avoid an awkward "no, this is a scam", and I had to get going. She immediately asked "Do you know anyone else who might be interested in going to school here?". She essentially asked for business leads. That was the killer for me. I'm willing to bet they get paid on commission for signing people up to programs.

I would avoid going to any of their campuses nationwide. You're much better off finding a program through a Jr. college or a university. I'm not sure how other private places are, like ITT-Tech, I've heard mixed things about them.

EDIT: I should also add, they're unrealistic with what they tell you you're able to get into afterwards. They give you a piece of paper that shows the career paths you can expect to take and what jobs you can expect to have right away. And, no. I'm not kidding. One of the "entry level" jobs was Network Admin. I wish I wouldn't have thrown everything out from them, I could have scanned it and put them on blast for it.
I think it depends if your working for a company you plan on staying with or if you are out of work or career changing. Out of work/career changers should go to a school with the highest job placement record. Devry showed me the stats unlike several other schools. At that time Devry had over 80% job placement for their grads. Any school who will not show you job placement statistics is not worth attending. If you are working and plan on staying at your job then I would look for the cheapest way of attending an accredited program. Cert mills are all garbage.
I'm in North Carolina, and I was wondering what would be the best IT school to go to. I've read pretty much all the posts in this thread, so I take it that regardless of where I go, I need to get certs and go for 4 years, but where is the best place to go??? I was thinking about going into computer science and then maybe game design, or software engineer. Where would be the best place???

Well being as your in NC just like me my first suggestion is NC State, that's where I plan to go.
The main 3 they offer are:
Computer Science
Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering -Game development

they also have some other cool stuff like degrees Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Now there are better tech schools around like ITT and MIT but from what I've seen, heard, and read NC State is a very reputable university, also I'm choosing State because all of my favorite teachers went there and graduated from there and I've spent alot of time outside of school talking with them about anything from computers, electron theory, sound and acoustic engineering, electrical work, and I'm also in an EV program which is really great, so I'm looking forward to the next 4 or 5 years. Not to mention tuition isn't too bad if you've lived in NC for longer than a year before application.

Now I'm not in yet, still working on my application but I'm keeping myself level headed and fingers crossed for that letter to come at the end of December :freak:
Can anyone recommend a good school in Ontario, CA

I was thinking about going to CDI but i changed my mind when i read about the law suits.
I attend DeVry University, I have learned a ton in a short amount of time, and love it! DeVry is an accredited college, unlike a lot of tech schools. so you will end up with a true degree which is what the majority of companies are looking for.

I currently am a NCM Major, Network and Communications Management BA degree
After completing a Degree and DeVry you will have a very well rounded education, they also have other degrees then just tech degrees. Also DeVry has been buying a few other universities.

DeVry is well respected Technology University by many companies, and will support you well after you have graduated with job listings and resume' help.

Keller is DeVry's Masters Program.
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