Computer my friend's thinking about getting

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no offense, but its a pretty lame deal if you ask me. for that price i can build a similar system even better. convince your friend to build his own pc. do some online and offline search for individual components. (thats my opinion, anyways)
yup,...and you can't really accommodate further pc expansions....its like what you have, what you'll only have..
Yea man devlish96 has the right idea. That computer sucks for the money. Here's my specs for a comp i bought a while back: AMD Athalon 2400+ (slightly overclocked to P4 2.7ghz standards), Biostar M7NCD Pro mobo (with nforce2 chipset and dual channel DDR), 1 gig of DDR400 PC3200, 2 80 gig hard drives 7200RPM, 16x DVD-Rom, 52x CD-RW, floppy drive, case, geforce 4 ti4200 golden sample (same core as the gf4 ti4600 but is guaranteed to overclock super fast), keyboard, optical mouse, speakers + subwoofer.

I already had a 19" monitor but my total price was roughly $760 of which i was refunded $40 because Fedex accidently lost my tracking # and gave me free shipping :D By looking at my specs and that things specs i may say that my comp blows that thing out of the water

Tell your friend to go and look for some sweet deals there and also like devlish96 said, to build his own. He is getting ripped off.........
He is getting ripped off.........
convince your friend to build his own pc

Ok, first, she doesn't want to build her own PC. And I can see why personally. So she was looking for a computer with those specs for cheaper, pre-made. Anyway, I'll go to even though I think that site's mainly for parts.
oh my bad. She may want to go to some barebone sites and buy the drives seperately, the link are littered across this forum. Other than that, i wouldnt really know what else she would do to make it cheaper if she wont build her own.
oh ok.....sorry bout that...why dont you build her pc ...she'll truly be amazed...thats how i snagged my girlfriend.LOL!
The Gateway 300 series is one of the most basic computers a person can buy and is definately not worth the money. If your friend is basically interested in web browsing or some light word processing then it will do the job. However if she's looking for a system that'll play games or do digital photography or anything more than basic word processing then that's not the system to go with. Also another thing I dislike about Gateway systems, they no longer come with floppy drives in them and I don't feel floppy drives are quite obsolete at this point. I just bought a Compaq Presario AMD Athlon 2600, it's a 2.13Ghz Processor, 512MB RAM, 120GB hardrive 7200RPM, NVIDIA Geforce4 MX440 video card, 48X CD-RW Drive, DVD ROM Drive, WINXP and one of the things that sold me on it was it has 6 USB ports. It ran me $800 and I feel was well worth the money. I probably could have gone cheaper by building myself, but I don't have the experience to build it nor the patience to wait for it.
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