Can someone help me deal with this online issue?

The only way i can think this could happen is if..IF he/she was using your wifi and then got control of your computer. That would mean someone close, not much more than next door. :eek:

This is why I change my passwords periodically. And don't make it easy for them to decode. I use 5 random 5 letter words and uppercase one letter per word in random positions.


Xxxxx xXxxx xxXxx xxxXx xxxxX (not how I do it but you get it)
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That's disgraceful to know, if he really is a Kiwi. I've never been overseas ever, but New Zealand looks like a nice place and one of the relatively few unspoiled countries. What a pity a jerk like him resides in that part of the world!
Yeah. The creep is a complete screwball.

He actually repeatedly posted this flash image of himself flushing a toilet after having defecated on a printed off picture of me, and I think that was half his brains going down the crapper, to be honest. Disgusting! But still. The fact that you get people like this being allowed access to a computer, is worrying. This is my terminology for guys like him...

Don't like my acting, mate? Don't watch my stuff!
Don't like me as a person? Stay the hell away from me, then!
Don't want to seek out that psychiatric help? Don't better yourself then!

Hmmm. Look up "Norman Bates" in the dictionary, and you won't see a picture of Anthony Perkins there anymore. You'll see this dude's ugly mug instead. :ermm:
Why don't you just ignore the bozo? By getting all worked up over it you'd just played into his mind game.

Just ignore the fuck.
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