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I have developed a new system for account security.

I am looking to build a team of talented individuals to help me advance this security system.

What this system is, is it is a mathematical Matrix of encryption methods which takes the login information of accounts offline from the majority of computer systems and stores it with the personal user or client that is using this technology. The client is provided with plastic cards of a custom design of which enable them to login to their accounts only when they have the capacity to produce both the 'Key Card' and the 'Password Card' at the same time.

This system is only designed for especially important accounts like online banking, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Google based accounts. Really, the idea behind this technology is to protect your, 'Professional', 'Social', and 'Financial' accounts using these added security measures.

The thing with encryption is that if a would be attacker happens to discover how to get into the directory of the encrypted information, then, the would be hacker gets access to any account information on that specific local database. In other words, this method of encrypting data under one master password is bound to fail a certain percentage of the time which the reasoning behind this system.

That is the introductory of this technology.

We need those that can work with algorithms, mathematics, and/or programming.

We need to develop an algorithm that produces results of randomized patterns and make some other complex calculations that help keep this large database of limited matrix related patterns.

Respond if you're interested in helping us develop this technology.
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