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Hey, I'm trying to find a BD player for win7 64-bit. I've done some researching, but I really have a hard time buying $50-80 playback suites, just doesn't bode well with me if you catch my drift. I'm looking for something free, maybe like GOM or SVC, and definately don't want to spend, if at all possible, any more than $10 if I can help it. I don't know why M$ doesn't get the rights for the drivers and definitions/CODECs for something so widely supported in the entertainment world, it's practically an industry standard for hi-def anymore, and I know that I'm one of thousands of unhappy people. I have been the the M$ forum on this topic but did not find any useful information regarding this, other than representatives hmm-hawwing around the subject. Only thing useful out of it, more of an item of interest, they backed HD-DVD, but did not support BD with the release of WMP and Win7.
I digress... I'm looking for a free BD player. any and all suggestions will be taken into account, and I seriously prepose a sticky with software that supports this.
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