An Acer in its past life


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So, in 2007 I received an Acer T180 as a Christmas present. Since then, using various hand-me-down parts, I've upgraded it and made it not suck quite so much.

1. I added an M-Audio Delta 44 soundcard
2. Upgraded power supply from 250w to 500w
3. Installed NVidia GeForce 8800 GTS graphics card
4. Removed the original 1 gb (2 512 mg sticks) of DDR2 5300 RAM and replaced it with 2 1gb sticks

It has the original motherboard, however, which could prove problematic when it comes time to do what really needs to be done: Get a new case. The Acer case is small, and I worry about overheating in the now cramped space. Would I need a new motherboard to upgrade my case?

If so, could you recommend one that uses the same type of RAM I have now, and if possible, the same processor? (AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+) I don't need any fancy onboard graphics or sound, the bare minimum with that would do. I need at least one PCI slot, a PCI Express slot, and at least two slots for RAM. (They don't make them with less than two, do they? LOL)

Anyway, if you can provide this novice with as much info as possible it'd be appreciated.