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I have an Acer Spin 5 14" laptop / tablet combo. I have really enjoyed using it and love the touch screen. The one-year manufacturer's warranty has expired. For the past couple of months, the screen suddenly goes black on me while using it. Then, it sometimes takes a few seconds of banging the keys, hitting the power button, or closing the lid and re-opening it before it returns to the login screen. I login with my fingerprint or passcode and I can continue like nothing ever happened.

Lately, this issue of the screen going black and returning to the login screen has been happening more and more frequently. It also seems to be more and more difficult to get back to what I was doing.

I called Acer support the other day and I was redirected to one of their partnering service companies in California. The gentleman on the phone had me turn off my machine and got me to power it back up using the continuous tapping of the F1 button while powering on. He suggested that I have a problem with my operating system. It appears that it is a Windows issue. He offered me 3 service warranty options that I could buy right away and obtain immediate service for my laptop / tablet. 1 year of service for $159.99 USD, 2 years of service for $239.99, or 3 years of service for $359.99. My machine was a warranty replacement for a previous laptop. I had to pay about $400-$500 extra as I upgraded from what my warranty was worth. I got this machine in 2018 I believe...

Since this is an older machine and I have another newer one as well, can anyone suggest a way I could try and fix the issue I am having? Would reinstalling Windows be worth trying? Any suggestions? Thanks!
Are you saying that you haven't maintained this computer for 4 years, updated the OS or drivers, etc.?
And how can the warranty be extended? The guarantee means that the manufacturer's factory is responsible for ensuring that the information provided for this product is in accordance with the product documentation. This is the time during which the factory will guarantee you changes to the firmware assets when they are made. It is for example BIOS updates, UEFI updates etc. And nothing else.
Of course, it is necessary to maintain the computer, and not only once a year, once a month, etc., it is too little.
It must be maintained at all times, ie on an ongoing basis, like in live, every hour, every minute.
^^^^^^ Waffle waffle uphelpful waffel. Anyway yes a reinstall might help. Give it a go but don't forget to back up your important stuff, you have been doing that haven't you????? It does sound to me like the electronics of the computer are playing up though which would not surprise me on a 4 year old Acer machine, "maintained" or otherwise.
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