AMD vs Intel... Buying new CPU


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I am buying some new parts. Now question is should I get an AMD or Intel based system. I only have $400 budget for new CPU, Mobo, GFX Card, and case.

Now what would be the best CPU?



(I'm trying to keep the CPU cost around $100-130)

I've built a friend a PC with the Intel chip and seemed fast. But never built a AMD system yet. So what do you guys think is the best bang for my buck.

Thanks guys.


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I would use that mobo but I forgot to mention, I wanna have SLI for future upgrades :rolleyes: Sorry, my bad.

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hmmm now you say you want to have SLI for future upgrades which would indicate you want a socket 775 intel,

but because your budget is rather low i would suggets going for AMD as there lower end CPU's are better that intels lower end but at the top end intel dominates,

so if u wan t a computer for the future get a socket 775 with a cheap C2D that should last you for now and then in the future you will have the upgradability on the mobo,


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Asus M2N-SLi

5000+ Black Edition

and whatever GPU and Case you wish to get.

Edit: Ssc, there are boards for AMD that have SLi (Infact, I am staring at one right now, my MSI K9N Diamond has 2 PCI-e slots, and comes with the SLi Bridge. It is also upgradable to the new AM2+ Phenom, requiring only a bios flash & update.)