a new case, antec 300???


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am building a i7 920 PC and will b putting a Nvidia GTX 260.
will do an average amount of overclocking on the CPU to start off with.

will the antec three hundred fit the GTX260 card comfortably?

have seen cases that point the HDD bays out towards the side which makes putting in and taking out HDD's sooooooooooo much easier. is that something that can be changed on cases?

once this is all setup i'll a fair amount of gaming i suppose but don't need any fancy lights and clear sides if you know what i mean :)

Atomic Rooster

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From the reviews posted on the 'egg about the Antec 300, many are using the GTX 200 series cards in it.

The drive bay orientation cannot be changed. They either mount front to back or sideways.

Here's one with the hard drives mounted sideways: COOLER MASTER Centurion 534

If you want to spend a bit more, I would highly recommend this case: COOLER MASTER RC-690. Lot's of room, lot's of cooling, lot's of quality.



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i have the antec 300 its a good case but like atomic rooster said you cant change the config of the hdd mounting the only problem is your motherboard
it might be to big for the case

put led fans in the front of the case for air to be sucked in it looks nice