A Few Lighting Questions.

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Monster Techie
Hey guys, i plan on getting a case with a window soon, and was thinking about what kind of light to put in it... i really didnt want the plain old red or blue cc, so strobe light popped into my head. I Found a really small (1.5x2 inches about) strobe made for automotive, but i could change the connectors on the wires for it so it would be able to connect... i was also thinking a pair of black light cc's, on mounted virtical in the front of the case, one vertical in the back, next to the door...

The only problem is, i read the pakage on the strobe light, and it said something about electromagnitism, but i didnt know how much that would effect my internals... any ideas/suggestions?
There shouldnt be a problem as long as its mounted well away from ram/hard drive.
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