2nd Rig, dual O/S possibilities...

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I am almost done building a second Rig. It is pretty basic (Intel Celeron @ 2.6Ghz / 512MB DDR PC2700 RAM) and I want to experiment on it.

I would like to install 2 Operating Systems on it.

Would I format and partition the HDD into 2 logical drives, then install the 2 OS's (XP Pro and Xandros). Any opinions and advice on various OS's would be warmly welcomed. I do not have a specific goal except to learn, experiment and experience.

Would I be able to choose the boot partition in the BIOS so that the PC could fully boot from either OS? Will both OS's have access to the same folders or will I need to double them up (music, pictures, etc.)

Anyone have some reading material that they could link me to?

Thanks for your time.
Not open for further replies.
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