100th Post Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OOOOO yea! How do you like that, bizotch! I own all of you! Cept the people over 100 posts.... But oh well! Thank's for everyone's help to all my questions! Each post was well worth the effort! Although it isn't quite hard to post..:D

Wohoo! Next party at 1000 posts! ;)
Athankyou, athankyou. The beer and dancing girls will be here shortly. Please don't leave a mess ;).
MicroBell said:
the following posts you made..do not count..the ones that said....Hi....NO...OK....Yes..... LOL..J/k man..congrads!! :)

I shall overlook that comment and cancel my personal note to destroy you. JK. Thanks a lot man! Here's to another 100 posts!:)
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