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Yea, more RAM makes things load faster because the CPU can take in more stuff at one time and load that. So with 2GB you're loading and unloading twice as much stuff as 1GB. I don't know if that means twice as fast load times, but theres certainly an improvement.

DDR400 RAM runs at 200MHz. The "DDR" stands for Double Data Rate. That means that the ram can carry out an instruction on the rise of the clock cycle as well as the fall of the clock cycle. So effectively, its doing 2MHz for every REAL 1MHz of your RAM. So like I said, DDR400 RAM runs at 200MHz, but it is EFFECTIVELY running at 400MHz. If you made a chart of the clock cycles in one second, there would be 200 million of them, thus 200MHz. But because it can carry out 2 instructions per clock cycle, that gets doubled to an effective 400MHz. We don't call it 400MHz because thats...wrong. Instead we call it DDR400.

The correct way of saying the speed of RAM is by the PC---- designation. DDR400 would be PC3200. That way theres no confusion.
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