XP Windows Explorer ? PLEASE HELP ME!!

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OK - where to start.... I have been searching for a solution for this problem for months without finding one. I'm hoping for help here...

Explaination of problem:

I have verified this to be a problem on every XP system I've tried and I can't believe for a minute that there isn't a solution...MS couldn't have screwed up this badly (heh heh).

In Windows XP Explorer - Let's say you have a folder that contains no files (this part actually makes no difference) [let's call it FOLDERX], but it does have many subfolders (in my case, about 630 of them) and in each subfolder you have many files (in my case more than 100 files each with some upwards around 1000 files), and you have just booted up the PC (this is important because once the search described below occurs, this no longer happens until the next boot).

Now, what I want to do is select one subfolder within the FOLDERX directory - I know which one I want and I could care less about what is in the others at this point (let's say it is called subfolder#134 for instance).
I click on the plus sign on FOLDERX to expand the list to show me the subfolders. (Here's the problem part-) I now have to wait for nearly 5 minutes before the folder list comes up on the screen while Explorer searches through every single file of every single subfolder in the FOLDERX directory. Then it will finally display the list. Now, of course, I can go to any of the subfolders and get an instant listing of files in each, but this is not what I am trying to get.

OK - last part. On my other two systems, I have Window98 installed. Same folders, subfolders and files. Here is what happens after fresh boot on these and this is what I'm after on XP. I open Windows Explorer, click the plus sign on the FOLDERX directory and I am rewarded with an instant listing of all subfolders within it (no waiting at all) - I can now click on any of the subfolders, and if they are the big ones, I may have to wait a few seconds (the little flashlight icon appears) while Explorer searches the files within this subfolder only.

Why can't I get XP to do the same. I've tried every option I can find, turned on and off the indexing feature - searched through the registry entries that currently exist - searched MS for a fix - browsed Tips and Tricks from many different sites and I can't even find a mention of this problem anywhere!

All I want is for Windows XP Explorer to stop searching all levels of the entire tree within a folder and simply display a listing of the subfolders and/or files one level deep.

Can anyone tell me how to make this happen? Or where to find the solution?

Please Help Me!!

What file system our you using? fat32 or ntfs. fat32 under xp has limitations because XP is basically NT, fat32 was added to make upgrading possible.
To mrdinkle: Thought you were onto something, but no dice. Powerdesk behaves exactly the same way - must be something deep within XP or the behavior is due to some files that both Powerdesk and Explorer use. But thanks for the suggestion - I will probably use Powerdesk anyway, just because I like the functionality.

To t1tec: Using NTFS - I only know this for sure because fat32 has a 4.1GB file size limitation and I am able to use larger. I have a file that is nearly 8GB in size.
Right click your C: drive in Explorer and select properties. It will tell you what file system you have.
Storm, did you ever find any more info on this? This has bugged me for a long time, and today I started trying to find an answer again. If I find anything out I'll be sure to report it here.

Never found a solution other than to remove the whole lot of folders from the PC! :)

If you ever run into anything, I'd still love to know ...for now, my database of folders is on a Win98 machine only.

Hope ya have better luck than I did....

u think that was bad, i searched for all the icons located on my computer using an icon searcher proggy, anyways came back with about 12000, well i was like i should just save them all in a folder so i dont have to search everytime i wanna change one to something else, well ya u get the idea, folder with 12000 files in it, explorer bout pissed it pants, i waited for about 10 mins and finally just ended it, sad thing is the folder was only about 60 meg, it had no problem saving them all that only took like 20 secs but when opening no dice, nice work microsucks btw specs r athlonxp2200+ with 768ddr 2100
It got you too huh?

You're going to need to buy a Windows XP installation CD. Because you're going to need to use it often....:cool:
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