xp pro aureal vortex2 blue screen


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i recently installed my old aureal vortex2 soundcard on windows xp pro as it is better than the onboard chaintech sound card, that comes as part of my motherboard and i also wanted to use the optical out for my MD walman. it worked fine for a few days, then when i turned on my pc one day, it loaded windows and as the logon screen would usually load up it didn't, it went black and the keyboard didn't respond at all (not even the lights e.g. caps lock). so i kept re-starting my pc and same thing. windows did work in safemode and i did try the system restore as well which didn't work. so i have now formatted windows and re-installed. when i get to the windows install part at the networking setup stage the blue screen of death loads!! saying about the begining of physical memory dump, the same screen keeps loading at the same stage even after every format. this is to do with my soundcard as there is no actual file error. it just has lots of numbers and the famous words "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR EQUAL" i know it must be my soundcard as it is my brother's old 1 and he had the same problem but fixed it. now he does not remember how he fixed it!!!but he did say to research the same famous words, "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" but the error fixes in the forums don't say how 2 fix the problem that i have! a lot say to load up in windows and change settings! but i cant as i cant even install windows! my brother said all i have to do is change some settings in the bios to stop the hardare clashinging with my bios load up settings and the xp pro software, but those exact settings he cannot remember so he said to look it up on the net. i have disabled my motherboard soundcard by altering the jumpers as so tells in the manual, i did so right as the soundcard did work, but now i'm stuck and i don't know what settings to change in the bios, it is definitely the soundcard that is causing the problem, but it does work with a few setting changes in the bios. my specs are:

AMD Athlon xp 1.6Ghz
Nvidia G-Force 2 (laughs)
Chaintech Motherboard single BIOS socket-A (model number-7KJD)
512mb DDR ram (Kingston)
20gb Maxtor hard drive (Windows installed here)
60gb Maxtor hard drive
52x CD RW drive
D-link 100mb network card

thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!! :)