XP causing games to crash

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I just bought a Tiger systemax pc which came with Xp, I have only loaded three games on it one at a time and each has experinced an error in which during play it shuts the game off. One driving game, SportsCar GT ran into an error that shut the whole PC down . is this an XP issue or does my new PC have different issue?

the games are, in order of loading... Hitman code 47, then Wolf 3d, then sports car GT.
updating drivers is important..
also, have you checked that your DX version is suitable for these games?

Cheers (b) m8.
Debaster, patches to download it the less possible one, cause he said there are 3 games he didn't manage to play.. but maybe you're right..
I don't belive in patches anyway, never helped me (beside adding information to a working game), but it's ain't the discussion here...
Thanks for the info. As of the first writing, I had not yet connected to the interent so I couldn't even send the error report that XP created .. that being done (connecting) I downloaded the windows update as well as downloaded the Nvidia driver updates.. but since I am still using a phone modem the download didn't complete until around midnight.. so tonight I will try the game out again and see if it chokes again.
Azury, you mentioned the DX compatiblitly I am assume you mean as in Direct X? I'm not completely computer savy but am learning.. Hitman requires Direct X 7 but when I isntalled the game the drivers already contained on my system were more up to date than the version 7 direct x, should I install it anyway?
Hmm doesn't Windows XP come with DX8.1? But since this is the case, then yes, download the latest revision.
G4th, I'm not so sure this is the case, I was just suggestioning... I haven't determened this is the problem.. will see.. anyways, if you have an other suggestion please say it too...
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