WTB: Older Video card (between GF4 MX -Ti4200, R7500-R9000)


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As the title says I am looking for video card for another rig thats going to do just a tiny bit of gaming. I was thinking some where between a Geforce4 MX - Ti4200 for nVidia' side and a Radeon 7500 to a Radeon 9000 on ATi's, but I am open to other cards. But I do want at least 64mb on RAM on it and AGP based. PM me with whatever card you want to sell, your price, and the condition of the card.

Don't know if you need it, but my ebay account is simav123 for feedback reasons and I live in N. California (so you can figure out shipping).

Oh and please post here when you PM me so I will know to check

Oh yeah, I have PayPal


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I have a gforce fx5200 for sale. It can run bf2 on low and geometry on medium with no lag. Let me know if you are interested.