Word/2002 Messenger4.7 errors when opening a file

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When I try to open any word document(empty or not) with Word
2002 XP brand new it gives the following error msg...

Messenger 4.7

Syntax error when doing a row option command.
For help type "Command /?" ...

I have Deinstalled Messenger-4.7 and reinstalled it ..
I have Deinstalled Word/2002 and reinstalled it ...
without success .. where should I look or what should
I try next ... ?
appreciate any help ...
I have winXP new 2.2Ghz 256mb ram 80gb seagate ..
IE60, XP SP1 .. latest patches from MS .. fujitsu box ..

when opening a word doc it spins for about 40 seconds
then the error msg goes away and I can work .. I would
like to get rid of it .. if possible ...
Hope someone has an idea ...
Thanks in advance .. Luke53
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