Wireless in Apartments


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Ok Recently, I got married and moved into a townhouse.

I have the modem and a router.

My problem is that I don't want to run a ethernet cord all the way upstairs from the modem to the desktop. I have a wireless card for the desktop...

The real problem: being in apartments/townhouses I don't want to go broadcasting my internet all over the place, and would like to password it. I know there is way because when i jump on my laptop i can connect to other people's internet. However, i want my own internet to not be sucked up by their bandwidth.

I really don't know how to do that, any help would be well helpful.

Screen shots would also help, like how you do it, since i'm a more visual person but any help would be greatly appericated.


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You're going to need a wireless router. You hook it up to your modem, and it will broadcast the internet signal. This is a great one for the price:

You already have a wireless card, so you'll just connect and it's set. Follow the instructions that come with the router to set up the security. You'll probably either use WEP or WPA encryption. Basically, you'll generate an encryption key, and then when you connect for the first time again you'll have to enter this code.


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wpa is newer and more secure. id go with that. its best to check the manual but the way you would do it is to connect to the network first either wired or wirelessly and then access the router properties by typing in the "default gateway" of the router into your internet browser(found by going to start>run>and typing in "ipconfig"). then it will ask for a username and password which is usually "admin" and "passsword" but it does vary as i have found out. after that there should be a section about wireless and security, but again its different on different routers, netgear ones are nice and easy. it says "wireless properties" at the side or something