wireless help.


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hi, wondering if anyone could advise me on a couple things.

i have a laptop which i want to acces the internet on.

i have a desktop with a 1mb adsl connection by modem...and i want to "sponge off" that connection with a wireless card on my laptop or something.

could anyone tell me what i would need to do that, like a cardbus and a wireless modem or just the NIC or...yeah...any advice would be appreciated :D thanks.


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All you need is a wireless router- your current PC will connect hard-wired to it, and your laptop will connect wirelessly. Just read some reviews on wireless routers, and pick one- D-Link and Linksys are two good brands. With your wireless, you will want to secure that portion, so I recommend looking up MAC Filtering and WEP/WAP security. Once you get the wireless router, post back, and we can help you set it up.