Windows xp reinstall problem


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Hello Computer forums members,
Over the last few months, I have had a virus problem with my Dell XPS 400. It was due to the fact that I had not re-activated my anti-virus. It got to the point that I had to simply wipe the entire drive, and only save the valuble files to an external HDD. Everything went smoothly with the wipe using the "DBAN" bootble software to wipe the drive and reinstall the copy of windows xp that came with my Dell.

After I installed windows again on my computer, I started it up and began to download drivers for my Nvidia 8800GT graphics card. Everything downloaded as usual, until I tried to install it. When I ran the installer, I received an error message that said that the installer was only ment to be used on windows (note that I am currently using windows Xp Media Center) and that the installer had to be terminated. Now, at first, I thought that this might just be the driver installer itself, until I downloaded the release of an older driver. I recieved the same error message 3 or 4 times.

At this point, I was becoming pretty frustrated, and seeked the internet for guidence. I couldnt not find anything of use within all the webpages I looked at. At this time, I was browsing the Web with Firefox 3.0 since I love the feel of it. I went to youtube to search for anything that could help, and I relised that I needed to reinstall the flash player plugin to see the movies. I headed over to the Macromedia website and downloaded the apprpreate plugin for my browser. When I ran the installer, an error message came accross stating that there was not enough free disk space on the drive to install this plugin. Now...this really got me....My HDD had 141 GIGS free on it. From then on, I have recieved numerious error messages from installers saying something cant be compleated because of either windows or my HDD

Currently I am running Windows XP Media Center Edition
Stock Dell Xps400 Mobo with
Intel Core 2 2.84 Ghz processor
Nvidia 8800GT OC
2 Gigs of Dell stock Ram

Any Help would be greatly apprecieated.


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How many times have you tried re-installing XP? It may have been just a bad installation. Try another reformat using only the windows disk and see if your problem's fixed.


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I have no real recommendations other than to say when you finally do get everything working, make a backup of your system using a program called Acronis True Image Home 2009. If you run into problems again, you can format and restore using the backup file.