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My grandpa died recently and left me his Dell Latitude D400. There is a small problem though, the OS is Windows Xp Pro, and requires a password that my grandma doesn't know to login to the computer. The user name is there, just no password. I don't want to have to replace the hard drive just to use the computer. I don't have a problem with reformatting it either I just don't know how without being on the desktop, but I would like that to be the last option. So if there is anyway to get around putting the password in I would really like to know. Thanks a lot.


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Go to safe mode and try to access the admin account. If it is also password protected then I don't know what to do. And reformatting really ain't so hard if ur installing win XP. Just put the cd in, boot from the cd and follow instuctions. And if u want to delete all the stuff on the hdd then just delete the old partitions (this can be done after u have booted from the XP cd) and make new one(s).


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There are password cracks that were developed in linux. If you google them you can probably find them. Is the guest account turned on? If so, there is one particular program that would work well. You copy a file to the guest acct. then you boot up to a disk that you make and it will let you wipe out the password or change the password by editing a file. Its actually really cool.

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Let's stay on the legal side here...
but yeah, go into safe mode when you boot up and you should be able to get into the admin...


Once you get into the Administrator account, you can create a new account. Make sure it is a computer administrator account. Then you can restart, log into the new account, and delete the old account from there.

Another option is to reinstall Windows fresh since you don't care about reformatting. I would personally recommend this option just to clear any problems or anything else that might slow the computer down now or in the future. I always like to start with a clean slate.