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This PC has suddenly decided it has only one com port. (Device Manager)

Endeavouring to add port (AddNew Hardware) it starts from com5, I need to get back com2.

Inspite of this the Modem is declared to be on com4. And works !

Please , how can I restore 2,3 ? I do need 2 for other equipment.
You will have to manual change the IRQ of Com2 in your BIOS. But your hardware and software will have to support the change.

Com1 and Com3 use the same IRQ (4) and Com2 and Com4 use the same IRQ (3). While each has a different base I/O address, you will still need to change the IRQ in your BIOS.

Normally IRQ 2/9 (they are the same), 10, 11 and 12 are open. So if your MoBo allows it, you should be able to change with (hopefully) no problems.

Hope this helps.
Sadly I seem to be unable to modify the settings of a port I do not "HAVE".
ahem. he said to change it in your BIOS. I guaruntee, that somewhere in your BIOS (NOT device Manger) is a setting to change IRQ's for all your com ports.
Ah ha, will check that in the AM,

Enciv, is it a hardware or software prob', maybe just "firm"

Hi Enciv,

Sadly no joy, IRQ settings in BIOS dont have scope beyond Auto/Manual.

No Com or Serial setting seem to be on offer.

Is there a way in DOS ?

Win2k still converts any Mod of Com1 to that >4
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