Windows 8 Performance


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Hey guys been a while!

So I just bought myself a new laptop, nothing special just an i5 processor with 6Gb RAM - SAMSUNG Series 5 550P5C 15.6" Laptop - Silver Deals | Pcworld

Now i'm puzzled coz I've played with Windows 8 on my old desktop e2160 processor with 2Gb RAM and it wasn't that bad, I mean I didn't like the interface or anything but the performance wasn't bad.

Now with this new laptop I've turned it on and off a couple of times (updates and setting up etc) and it's just running dog slow, if I load it up, goto desktop and click on my libraries or the folder icon it takes a good 5 - 8 seconds for it to come up.

If I go to pictures and open up a picture it takes between 30 and 60 seconds!

What's going on?

I'm currently downloading Windows 7 to put on it now.

I was open to the idea of Windows 8 as I didn't want to be closed minded and I was trying to get used to it, but I can not put up with this performance, if I open a new tab on ie my touchpad becomes unresponsive for the several seconds it takes to get the new tab ready.

Has anyone else had any performance issues like this with Windows8?

Performance monitor sits at around 60 - 90% memory used?



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I run windows 8 in dual boot setup with windows 7 and have been using 8 majority of the time lately. When. I first boot and select windows 8 it goes straight to the login screen and then to the metro screen. After that I would load Google Chrome and it wouldn't take very long, I am also a very big minecraft player and it doesn't take very long to load either, I am running on 4GB ram and 1.58GHz CPU.


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Hmmm I'm wondering if there may be some faulty hardware or driver issue?

I've been reading about and there are a couple of reports or touchpad drivers making windows 8 go crazy and given that my touchpad does freeze every so often this may be the cause?

Pretty bad for a new laptop surely the manufacturers should make sure they are shipped with drivers that work?