win xp


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ok my brother had windows xp, but of course he lost the disc, he wants to reformat his system so it runs faster but I dont have the windows xp disc either...can you download it?

Oh btw should an AMD Athlon XP 2400+ run faster than my 2.7ghz celeron? Because his computer is slow as anything, to get into the internet you have to wait about 10 secs, to open bearshare it can take anywhere from 8-15 secs while mine just opens it right up.

Ok I might be able to get the c.d but if theres a way you can download it tell me, also when im reformating his computer (mine had the discs already built in so i didnt have to worry about the discs) he doesnt want to back up any data so i just grab the disc and put it in, then i restart and follow what it says to do a complete format?


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legaly i dont know mabe if u contact microsoft and prove you purchased a valid copy, but lost it. Other wize you can dl it, using a bittorent would be the best if u can find an alive web site. try , or any other. But getting it from them first.


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You Should Not Download It From File Sharing Sites Like Limewire Or Edonkey, You Might Get A Virus.