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I upgraded to Windows XP Pro about...8 months ago. I didn't, but should've read the guides/compatibility issues etc. Should've but didn't. Now however, Windows is a mess.Absolutely. Some programs rarely function properly, bar newly installed ones, some don't function. Period. I have managed to fix probably about 80% of the apps/games/system tools that haven't been running, through service packs, patches etc, but the registry, system folders etc are completely unordered and I have lost count of the amount of spyware on the system. But I'm avoiding the question.

Is there a way of "cleansing" XP of bad things. Spyware, cleaning the registry, sorting things out properly, without screwing with documents, apps etc???

I would be glad of any help.

I'm not missing a chromosome. Im just naive. :angry:
Welll,,, bit of a bind,, but maybe somewhat recoverable...

First thing that I would suggest is that you go into the XP help files and read all about the COMPATIBILITY WIZARD and COMPATIBILITY MODE

You MAY,, and I repeat MAY be able to go through ADD/REMOVE and delete the programs that are no longer functioning,, Of Course this is AFTER you have backed up any data that you may require,,,

Once removed,, go into the compatibility wizard and install in WIN98 compatibility mode,, this will emulate the win98 environment and hopefully enable your apps to run again,,

this is worth a shot,, further,, you can check with most vendors if they have patches for XP

Good luck

Remember to BACK-UP!!

If your looking for software then System Mechanic had a brilliant registry cleaner. It can also clean up unused shortcuts - those without any links. and there is a file wizard.

Spybot Search and Destroy does a good job.

Remeber to back up first. System Mechanic can do it for you as well.

other than that - Good Luck!!!!!!

Don Fudleone
Agreed on Both!!

Yes,, I NEVER do an UPGRADE,,, ever.. period!

clean installs always,, upgrades usually have snags,,

and on the IOLO product> system Mechanic,,,Good Utility!

cheers on the good info!

I agree clean install is the only way.I also upgraded to xp and after a mounth reformated and did clean install and have had no problems.
I have to disagree with saying that upgrades have snags. Upgrades are usually reliable when purchased or given from the company you bought your computer from. I recently upgraded to Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar. No problems as of yet. However, a clean install is always a good idea.
Oh, so are back ups!:)
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