What was your weidest dream ?

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What was your weirdest dream ?...

this thread is for The weirdest dream u ever had...

since i started this thread i'll start if off:

Well it was when i was bout 19 or so, i lived alone in a very small 1 bedroom apartment.It was bout 3am or so and i was crashed out.

Anyway's in my dream i heard a noise coming from the front door, so i got out of bed 2 check out wtf. As i opened the door, i noticed the wind had blown theouter door open.

So i shut it...locked it and shut the front door...just then, as i was walking though the kitchen bact to my bedroom, something grabbed me by the legs, and pulled me upside down, so that i was floating in the air.

I was scared out of my wits to find there was no-one there.I could'nt see anyone.Anyway's what ever it was dragged me from the front door into my bedroom. i tried to escape but i had nothing 2 grab onto...

since it had me by my legs, and i was upside down.so i tried grabbing the
table that was by my bed, and just as i reached for it.i started spinning around in a clock-wise motion.Now i'm really freakin cuz i can't get loose, and i was also slowly spinning.

after about..i say 3 min, or so went by, it dropped me on the floor next to my bed, and then i woke-up out of my dream.I still don't know what that dream meant...but it shure scared the crap out of me.
Lol; that is pretty weird. If I have a weird dream I'll put it onhere - but either I forget them or they shouldn't be put on here.


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my weirdest dream was when I was 5 and I was a weird batman/random seperhero mix. it ended when an evil guy killed my in a bathroom stall in the sky.


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Dont have dreams that often any more. Had one the other night about a dog biting me to death....

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Hey, you really have done it, stop brining up old threads, so i will see u back here in a week, Temp ban


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My wierdest dream was when I dreamed that I was playing a PSP and at the same time I was in the game FarCry. Like IN the game. It was strange...but I wish I have a PSP :p


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mixx, that is just freaky.

My weirdest dream:

I was in our summer cottage with my mom. There was this snake living in the lake. Not a too big one, maybe like 1m long. It bit my mom. So I decided to go and hunt it down.

So there I was swimming in the lake trying to find that damn snake.
Then the snake attacked me with a knife. :D Poked my hand once with it and then said to me "my teeth are not effective against u, so I decided to use a knife". I was like wtf, then grabbed the snake, took it's knife and killed it with the knife.

And that's it. Ohh, and that happened when I was like 9. My memory is so bad that I can't remember when it happened. :)