What was up with my account?

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For the longest time I could not access my account. I needed to activate it and I did not get an email when I registered (a few months ago) with a link to do that. About 4 hours ago I finally got an email and here I am. :)

Chopper: You have any idea what the problem was? I tried to find a link on here to get your email addy but I couldn't find anything. :(

Hopefully I start to hang around here more guys and give help when I can. See ya around.
Hi Praetorian,

Welcome to Tech. You can go to the members section and send an email via the forum. But Chopper will be in here soon, I'm sure. Hope to see you around the forums.
Hi Praetorian and welcome to tech forums.
The original problem must of been at your end when you first registered. The other night i went through all the Users who havnt activated there account and re send there activation code in hope that they will come.
and it obviously worked.

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