What Is Your MSN,AIM,YAHOO,ICQ,XFIRE Away Message?

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
Should have been named contacts, but everyone has the option of putting their contact in their profile.


Daemon Poster
i dont have one but i think that ill put something like:

"talking to some1 not here... booooy ur lonely huh?"
"hope your enjoying the 1 person conversation cuz im not here!"
"lol" just to keep the buggers talking!!!!... hang on it comes up with "Auto-Message:" or something doesnt it? so that last one wont work... bugger:p

~mr mixx~

The Candyman
lol, well i do'nt have one either...Cuz i'm realy too busy to chat around, but my other hobbies are taking over my life... 8)


In Runtime
Techy Geek said:
dunno about you guys, but i dont understand this thread, or its point,
Well Dont Post On it...The Concept Is Simple. You put ur Creative Away Messages You Use on here.
Thanks For Sticking Up For Me David