What is the best plan to build external links?


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Please, Which of you can give me the best plan to build external links to my site . Knowing that my site does not pass more than a month of its creation.



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Here are some tips to create external links .
Guest Posting.
Comment on Related Blogs.
Be Social.
Submit to Directories.
Create Quality Content.


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Honestly, the best way to build links is by not having a rookie handle it lol. I'm pretty sure a lot of companies/people still feel like SEO is not worth investing in and just try to rally a few members of their team to do "tried and tested" techniques that'll guarantee the results. That cannot be further from the truth though. My number one recommendation and suggestion to any of my clients: hire or consult with an expert, don't just wing it.

Recently, I was assisting a client with her B2B e-commerce store. She had been getting a decent amount of traffic and a steady income with minimal advertising and link-building, but she wanted to scale things up. She did her own research and came up to me (I handle her logistics and fulfillment) and asked me to expand my workload to SEO. She gave me a few guides, a set of directions, and told me to start by next week.

I had to tell her frankly, I was not up for the part and it was nothing I could learn right away. I then referred her to a B2B SEO Guide I came across (linking it here for reference) and showed here the immense amount of complexities and parts SEO has to begin with. It was not something for someone like me to handle.

So folks, you can't expect to just wing it and try and get as many external links as you can and pray for results, you need specialists. You need to invest in skills and people, while doing your own research. You can't just choose one side and let things unravel on its own. You need to be hands-on with proper guidance to actually make a difference.
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