what are some good free games


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ok i recently got my new pc for gamming listed in my sig and was wanting to know some realy fun online games that are free. right now i play league of legends wich is amazing well maintained and fun i advise it to you but i wanted to just mess around with some other games some.


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The only game I can think of is Dungeons and Dragons Online. It became free a little while ago and I checked it out. The only thing you have the option of paying for is premium endgame content, a new race, and I think some special dungeons. It is well made and the players are very helpful. The players are actual role players and not like most of the trolls who play World of Warcraft. Not to mention you get cool looking weapons and armor pretty quickly. If you're into MMOs or RPGs you should definitely check DDO out!


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League of Legends is a VERY good game :D
Also if you like MMORPG's try Lord of the Rings Online. I play it when I'm not playing WoW and it's great!


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Yeah I believe it is still up.
Combat Arms is still up. (SSgt1 Whitewolfe11). I am active usually every day, but fell off here recently. I was on last night.

The easiest way to get it is the direct download from Nexon (the publisher stateside). Free to play, Earn GP and EXP with every mission. NX (paid) helps you out a lot.
Watch for the hackers though. Easiest Is Cabin Fever FireTeam normal (doesn't help KDR).

Other games online.... Flash based or online multiplayer?