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Hello, everybody.

I have almost finished learning the 'basics' of JavaScript, and I'm fairly proficient in HTML and CSS as markup languages. Currently, I am working part-time while I move forward in learning JavaScript sooner rather than later. In the course that I am enrolled in, I will also be learning about Mongo, PHP, Node and Express. Now, granted I learn how to build and host websites with the given skillset/knowledge... is it reasonable to think that I'll be able to find a sufficient amount of start ups while I build a client-base? Perhaps adding one or two to a 'client-base' by years end?



I am fully aware how rookie this all sounds, contextually, but I am genuinely curious to know if having an understanding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, Express, MongoDB and PHP is a 'good' foundation to begin building a client-base and earning an income-stream.
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You can use websites like Lucas group to help you find an employer. Or you can apply directly to a software company
Hi! I am not a professional in the area, but I studied in a college where most students studied programming. And I have seen many of them choose their careers in different companies.
The fact was that the college helped them get good working places and some big software used to come in the college and offer the best students career opportunities. It was at asa miami college, and you can ask them for some information. Maybe they will give you some contact information of software companies’ recruiting personnel. It sounds not easy, but I think they will want to help you because why not.
I wish there had been an update on this. I would be glad to learn something new about it for myself because I am actively developing in the IT sphere now and I like to study the topic of software. I find here some fascinating articles about what QA testing is and I want to do it! If you know anything about it in detail, please share it with us.
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