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An early thanks.

Cant view source code for web pages using IE 6.0, but can using Netscape!!! Tried view->source and also right-clicking on page and chosing source. Nothing works with IE.
Running XP Home edition.

As far as I can tell, Notepad is working. I can call it, update,save,etc. I can view source code from saved web pages from diskette or desktop... I hope that helps. Just cant do it online with IE.
Thanks for quick response
not sure then. there is no visible setting that I'm aware of in IE. I would re-install IE6. that should take care of the problem.
Hi Solace,
I thank you for your help and suggestions.
Being a "virgin techie" brings forth another ? then. I only have restore CD's. Bought system pre-installed. Can I just re-install IE from these CD's ??? or does the whole system have to become 'new' again?
And another thing....
To Pres. Bush--dont invade Iraq...just send many copies of Windows XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To Seloce and all who looked and thought about it,

Thank you for your efforts. I've received info about this problem. There was a solution at Microsofts site. It was that the Temp Internet File needed to be deleted!!! Too big, space filled-up.

Thanks again and I do appreciate all.
Therat (Ken B.)
Cool, easy enough.

but just so you know, you can download internet explorer as a stand alone. just go to or some other file server site and search for it.
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