video card won't work


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I have an old 1999 Compaq Deskpro 500mhz w/256mb ram, windows xp, which I basically use for net surfing, email and watching streaming news stories. I was using a Radeon 7000 series 32mb graphics card. With the faster speed of my internet connection, the streaming video wasn't moving as smooth and freezing from time to time. I tried to put a Radon 9000 series 64mb graphics card in as I thought this would make the streaming video more smooth. My computer won't take it though. Upon startup I get the beeps that indicate no video card present. What could be causing this? I've tried installing and reinstalling a number of times, but to no avail. Is the computer too old to handle the card? Could the card be defective? (it was purchased used). Can any changes be made in bios to help? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. JT


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Well, try using the card in another computer and see if it works, or else maybe your motherboard might be too old for it.