VBA Advice/ Help


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I am looking for some advice on how to use VBA, I am completely new to this programming language so not sure exactly how it works, but I understand that most all programming languages do share some common ground. I am using this in Access, and am trying to create a function in the VBA to make a call to record a "New Record," I've got all the forms created in access I am just stuck on how to do this.
When called I want the finished product to display in a dialog box, so that the ultimate user of the database can just type in the values that they want and it saves it to the form. I was able to download a database off the web with an example but haven't really got the code to work for me here is some that code:
//Open form to add new values

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmNewProduct", acNormal, , , acFormAdd, acDialog

//Set Response argument to indicate that data is being added.

Response = acDataErrAdded

Any advice on where I could find information on how to use this language I would really be thankful for.